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  • December 17, 2017

Attraction is Not a Choice

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  • Sat, Mar, 17
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Let’s look at the first belief that attraction is not a choice. Think of a woman that you find attractive. While you can consciously choose to act on that attraction, you cannot just turn the feeling off. It is automatic and triggered by a combination of the woman’s looks and personality. Likewise, a woman does not consciously choose to find you attractive. Fortunately for men, most women find a man’s physical looks less important than his personality.

Secondly, becoming better with women is something you can learn. As a man, you have to be confident that you can learn new skills, especially ones that will improve your social standing with women. Learning to attract women is a social skill, and as with any other type of skill, it can be improved through proper study and real-life trials.

Finally, our last important belief is that failing does not equate to being a failure. You don’t learn by getting everything you want handed to you on a platter. There are times where you are going to struggle. You learn from your setbacks more than you do from your successes. That’s just how learning works. But anything in life that is worth having will require your repeated effort. As long as you are honestly working to better yourself, your failures should just be guideposts along the road of your success.

You can learn more about learning alpha male beliefs like this by following our movement here.

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