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  • December 17, 2017

Command Respect

You need to start commanding respecting your work and in your life. You cannot do that with the alpha brain men attitude that we are talking about here. The alpha make is a man who is willing to get the respect he deserves just by demanding it. You have to be sure that you have spent some time making sure that people will not give you anything other than the respect you deserve, and you sometimes have to make sure you tell them that they will give you that respect.

This is a multi stage process that starts when you get to work the first time, but you have to keep it up every day because you will start to lose the respect of people around you who think that you have gone soft. You have to give these people the idea that that is all you will accept, and you also have to make sure that you are running your life the same way. People will see that you are like this all the time, and they will respect the fact that you take yourself and how you are treated seriously. Anything less than your best is not good enough, and it is why you have to push for respect every day.

An alpha male who gets the respect of everyone is willing to demand it in all areas of life. Life gets hard when you are not respected, but you can solve that problems yourself.

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